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Chief Editor

Santosh Shukla

Chief Editor

Supreme Court, Advocate

Alma Times Follows the Approach of Positive Journalism

According to Jodie Jackson of Positive News that we discovered how an increasing number of media organizations and journalists are now devoted to reporting constructively. This approach is based on the principle that it is not enough to simply present the problem facing society; people want to know how to channel this information into something constructive.
What we called for at Good News for the Media was for this type of constructive news to have an increased presence in the mainstream press, to become a stable component in classic news reporting rather than a niche part of journalism. Psychologically, we have a survival instinct that reacts to bad news. People want to know about the dangers of the world so they can avoid them, and newspapers know how to cash in on this. And although society has benefited greatly from the development of critical investigative journalism, the counter productivity is that it misses all the good in the world.

It’s universally acknowledged that the core responsibility of a journalist is to seek truth and report it. But having discovered how much good news is out there, it seems that to me that the ‘truth’ currently being reported in the mainstream media doesn’t qualify as the complete truth, and doesn’t fully reflect the world as it is. If we are seeking truth, we should include more examples of human resilience, recovery, positive emotions, accomplishments and solutions to the problems we face.

Alma Times is one of the leading tabloids of Alma Foundation at national and International level to serve the values of positive journalism for the betterment of society and democratic norms. It promotes the cause of computer educational youth affairs. ALMA is one of the globally well-known organizations that work in socio-economic development of people across the world. Owing to its philanthropic nature, ALMA promotes the cause of education, health, protection of environment, computer education, information technology, human rights, sustainable development through self-employment and youth motivation. By the name of ALMA and its very nature, ALMA springs its various sense involving benign helping, national learning and philanthropic philosophy in promotion of social welfare and socio-economic development for people.