Dr Dilip N Pandit

Dr. Dilip N Pandit
Prolific Writer and Senior Editor

Dr. Dilp N Pandit is a senior editor and prolific writer of India with an Air Force Family background. Having journalistic experience of more than three decades, he shares his fascination with language, words and books on his editorial, blog, anecdotes, stories, satires on print, electronic and cyber media. He has got Bachelors in Natural Science and Masters in Social Science with Dissertation in Criminology from DAVV.

He has served various editorial positions including feature editor, associates editor, chief editor for reputed journals of English and Hindi Languages. He writes articles and stories over topics such as politics, diplomacy, science, technology, socio-economic development, culture & heritage, psychology, business and corporate development, traveling, environment, literature, and others concerned to serve humanity.

He is also a professional content writer and web editor for various web portals, business and corporate promotional profile etc.Currently he is an editor in Alma Today, Alma Times and World Book of Records (London).He has been recipient of many honour, felicitation and outstanding contribution awards from national and international organizations.